Lesson Steps

Review previous concepts

During review, you’ll do some quick practice with concepts your student has already learned to consolidate that learning.

Introduce new concept

This section will show you how to explicitly introduce a new phonics concept. 

Introduce irregular words

Sometimes you’ll need to help students remember how to spell high frequency words that don’t follow expected spelling patterns.

Play games

Playing games helps children practice the new concepts you teach to them.

Student read-aloud

The student read aloud page will provide digital texts your students can read to you and tips for guiding them as they read.  

Adult read-aloud

The adult read aloud page will help you to choose excellent books and engage in rich conversations about those books.

Discuss home practice

You can provide your student with some of these suggested activities to practice before you see them next.

Reflect with your students

At the end of each tutoring day, you can invite your students to share what they liked or would like to do next time and you can reflect on what you have observed.

Step 1

Review previous concepts