Step 4

Play Games

General games

Games for Kindergarten – 1st Grade | Florida Center for Reading Research
Second and Third Grade | Florida Center for Reading Research
Fourth and Fifth Grade | Florida Center for Reading Research
Roll and Read Games for UFLI Lessons | University of Florida Toolbox

Games corresponding to phonics concepts

* indicates games available in the Lit Kit

Short vowels

Blevins Word Sorts
Word Sorts – Letter Name Stage
Hopscotch Blending: An active way to do blending!
Don’t Cross Me *
Rolling Endings *

Blends and digraphs

Word Chains (word lists for creating concrete ladders) 
Word Sorts – Letter Name Stage 
Digraph board games

Games for irregular words

Concentration: In this memory game, the child has to match (and read) word pairs from a number of face-down cards.
Fishing with a magnet: It’s just like it sounds. The child uses a “fishing rod” to catch a fish. Once a fish is caught, the child flips over the fish to read the word at the back.
Bingo: This game is played like traditional bingo with the exception that words are used on the bingo card instead of numbers.
Snakes & Ladders: You can create your own snakes and ladders board game with words you choose. When students land on a square, they have to read the word they see.

Digital activities for computers, iPads or phones

Blending Sounds Spelling Game (set up free account) 
Starfall – online games and decodable books sorted by phonics concept 
Word Ladder Game
Wordshake – Build words from blocks provided in 2 minutes 
ABCya – This link includes a range of word play games 
Vocabulary game


Explore the Lit Kit for game ideas and resources

Step 5

Student read-aloud