Step 7

Discuss home

Choose one or two of the home practice activities below that you’d like your student to do before they see you again. To find them in the UFLI Toolbox, scroll down to the lesson that matches what you are teaching. Your student might practice these at home with their family or at school with a classmate or another adult.

Home practice page

From the UFLI Toolbox, access and print the home practice page for your lesson. This includes some words and sentences and some words to build using word chains (e.g., change make to lake to cake to bake).

Roll and Read

From the UFLI Toolbox, access and print the Roll and Read additional activity for your lesson. 

Decodable text practice

Print a copy of the decodable text that matches the new concept for students to practice reading. They could highlight all the examples of the new concept you just taught (e.g., highlight all the cvE words).    

Step 8

Reflect with your students